Sunday, September 3, 2017

Cemetery Image Galleries

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The Adams Residence

Archived photo galleries of cemeteries in England, France, Ireland, and the United States. Short stories and famous last words.

The art of cemetery. Showcases the art work of David Robinson.

Cemetery sculpture and art.. Features detailed cemetery reviews, ratings and photo galleries.

Collection of cemetery photographs.

Huge collection of black and white photographs from cemeteries in Russia, Poland, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Germany, Finland and the USA. In English and Russian.

Sharing photos taken from exploring cemeteries around the world.

Sharing photos of tombstones, monuments, statuary, inscriptions, and mausoleums.

Live Journal community for people who are interested in photographing the beauty and decay found in graveyards and cemeteries.

Professional photographs of historic architecture.

Group to showcase cemetery photos from around the world.

If you look around at bigger and older cemeteries, you often find sculptures which are very sensual. This is the group where you can display your photos of these sculptures.

Headstones, mausoleums, and monuments.

For images of funerary and memorial flowers. Real flowers or in stone.

Photos of cemetery, graveyard gates.

This group is based on the powerful emotions one feels when visiting cemeteries. These monuments to mortality tell a story of who we are, and what is to come.

Essentially any carved or sculpted object found in a graveyard. Trees are considered sculpted by nature, so they are okay too.

A group to illustrate and protest the desecration/ vandalism of cemeteries.

Post your pictures here of forgotten or overgrown cemeteries, graveyards, and gravestones. Forgotten or just no longer maintained.

Photographs of graveyards, cemeteries and all manner of interesting headstones.

Cemetery photo group with a changing, weekly theme.

Quality not quantity of photos. Share your favorite and best photos taken from cemeteries.

A public group for pictures of graveyards and cemeteries.

Statues, tombstones, plaques to everyone from Admirals and Generals to ordinary seamen and common soldiers. Prefer to see the forgotten lower ranks.

Some tombstones are not just mere markers of graves. They tell tales of lives lived, loved, and lost.

Cemetery photos showing the beauty of our monuments to the dead.

A group for those who frequent cemeteries and wish to show the photos they have taken.

The project aims to record all legible, pre-1900 UK gravestones. Includes Wales and Australia.

A photographic treatise of magnificent private mausolea and exceptional grave monument architecture.

A collection of sensuous, fine art photographs of cemetery and memorial art from around the world.

Art photography from cemeteries in the USA and UK.

Photos of cemeteries in the United States, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Netherlands, and other countries.

A site dedicated to the cemetery pictures of David Robinson. Featuring women sculpture in cemetery art.

Photos from cemeteries in Washington, D.C.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Dublin, Ireland; Salem and Boston, Massachusetts; and Brooklyn and Bronx, New York.

A site containing photos from all over the world.

Photos of overgrown, forgotten cemeteries. Mainly in the US but not limited to just there.

Links to sites that present fine art photography of cemetery and memorial art from around the world.

For collections of images focusing on graveyards and markers.

A post from Paul at The First 10,000. (September 20, 2011)

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