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Oceania Links

 Links saved from the collection at The Open Directory Project, before it closed.

Flickr: Cemeteries of Australia

This is for pictures of anything to do with cemeteries in Australia.

This group is to display the headstones of anyone who died during the first 50 years of British settlement in Australia (1788-1838). Also, graves of people who were either born, or who arrived in Australia before 1838, but died after that date.

Pictures of graveyards, cemeteries, interesting headstones in cemeteries around Sydney.

Collection of headstone and memorial photos for about 100 small cemeteries approx 100km around Brisbane (Queensland, Australia). It is intended to cover cemeteries for which there are no on-line lists of names.                                     

European Links

 Links saved from the collection at The Open Directory Project, before it closed.

Edinburgh Historic Graveyards - World Monuments Fund

Featuring street photographs and background about five burial grounds.

A group to share photos of European cemeteries.

A place for all the pictures taken in the cemeteries of Portugal, without any limits.

Photos of cemeteries and memorials.

For images of UK cemeteries. From lichen growing on a headstone to a panorama of a cemetery.

A group to share images of UK church graveyards.

The Crossbones burial ground in Southwark, South London. As an unconsecrated burial site (for paupers and prostitutes up to 1851) it contains no gravemarkers or indeed any official recognition whatsoever. To this day the site exists in a state of limbo between anonymity and redevelopment.

Share your photos of graveyards, tombstones in the Netherlands.

The group is for the cemetery only and not for the botanical gardens. Dublin, Ireland.

Photos from the main Catholic cemetery in Dublin, Ireland.

For images of Highgate Cemetery. UK.

Photos from the Kerepesi Cemetery, Budapest.

Photos of London, UK, cemeteries. Including the Magnificent Seven, the famed Victorian cemeteries landscaped for meandering around in.

For your photos of Paris cemeteries.

Images and information about the cemetery which is located in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Photos from Highgate Cemetery in London and from Pere Lachaise in Paris plus several other sites.

A project to photograph all of the cemeteries in London; complete listing, related links, and FAQ provided.

Pictures and history (in Dutch at the moment)of the Northern Cemetery in Leeuwarden, Holland. The navigation text is in English.

Biographies of artists and other notables, with photos of their gravestones and monuments, in cemeteries in England, Austria, and France.

Tour of Père Lachaise, Montmartre, and Montparnasse cemeteries. Visit famous dead celebrity graves and go underground in the Catacombs. Site by Steve Soper.

Several cemeteries in England and Scotland, and a sections with altered and infra-red images.

A photographic survey of the Howff Cemetery in Dundee, Scotland along with other smaller cemeteries in the area.                                     

Roadside Memorials

  Links saved from the collection at The Open Directory Project, before it closed.

Descansos - Roadside Memorials on the American Highway

Modern day descansos, roadside markers. Photographs of roadside memorials found in the United States.

Unlike the simple crosses and pictures found at most American crash spots, these Irish roadside memorials are beautifully detailed stone headstones.

Collection of photographic work by celebrity photo editor turned funeral director. Urban shrines.                                     

Cemetery Image Galleries

  Links saved from the collection at The Open Directory Project, before it closed.

The Adams Residence

Archived photo galleries of cemeteries in England, France, Ireland, and the United States. Short stories and famous last words.

The art of cemetery. Showcases the art work of David Robinson.

Cemetery sculpture and art.. Features detailed cemetery reviews, ratings and photo galleries.

Collection of cemetery photographs.

Huge collection of black and white photographs from cemeteries in Russia, Poland, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Germany, Finland and the USA. In English and Russian.

Sharing photos taken from exploring cemeteries around the world.

Sharing photos of tombstones, monuments, statuary, inscriptions, and mausoleums.

Live Journal community for people who are interested in photographing the beauty and decay found in graveyards and cemeteries.

Professional photographs of historic architecture.

Group to showcase cemetery photos from around the world.

If you look around at bigger and older cemeteries, you often find sculptures which are very sensual. This is the group where you can display your photos of these sculptures.

Headstones, mausoleums, and monuments.

For images of funerary and memorial flowers. Real flowers or in stone.

Photos of cemetery, graveyard gates.

This group is based on the powerful emotions one feels when visiting cemeteries. These monuments to mortality tell a story of who we are, and what is to come.

Essentially any carved or sculpted object found in a graveyard. Trees are considered sculpted by nature, so they are okay too.

A group to illustrate and protest the desecration/ vandalism of cemeteries.

Post your pictures here of forgotten or overgrown cemeteries, graveyards, and gravestones. Forgotten or just no longer maintained.

Photographs of graveyards, cemeteries and all manner of interesting headstones.

Cemetery photo group with a changing, weekly theme.

Quality not quantity of photos. Share your favorite and best photos taken from cemeteries.

A public group for pictures of graveyards and cemeteries.

Statues, tombstones, plaques to everyone from Admirals and Generals to ordinary seamen and common soldiers. Prefer to see the forgotten lower ranks.

Some tombstones are not just mere markers of graves. They tell tales of lives lived, loved, and lost.

Cemetery photos showing the beauty of our monuments to the dead.

A group for those who frequent cemeteries and wish to show the photos they have taken.

The project aims to record all legible, pre-1900 UK gravestones. Includes Wales and Australia.

A photographic treatise of magnificent private mausolea and exceptional grave monument architecture.

A collection of sensuous, fine art photographs of cemetery and memorial art from around the world.

Art photography from cemeteries in the USA and UK.

Photos of cemeteries in the United States, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Netherlands, and other countries.

A site dedicated to the cemetery pictures of David Robinson. Featuring women sculpture in cemetery art.

Photos from cemeteries in Washington, D.C.; New Orleans, Louisiana; Dublin, Ireland; Salem and Boston, Massachusetts; and Brooklyn and Bronx, New York.

A site containing photos from all over the world.

Photos of overgrown, forgotten cemeteries. Mainly in the US but not limited to just there.

Links to sites that present fine art photography of cemetery and memorial art from around the world.

For collections of images focusing on graveyards and markers.

A post from Paul at The First 10,000. (September 20, 2011)

US Links

  Links saved from the collection at The Open Directory Project, before it closed.

Arkansas Gravestones

The purpose of this site is to capture and archive digital images of gravestones with particular emphasis on older, deteriorated stones.

A tour of Cape Cod's old burying grounds with photos of 17th- and 18th-century gravestones, epitaphs, and information about the stone carvers and engravings.

Catholic cemeteries in and around Chicago, US. Includes one pet cemetery.

Pictures of Arkansas cemeteries.

For all those who have a love of the beautiful and historical cemeteries of Connecticut.

Old cemeteries in Georgia.

An old fashioned cemetery containing many imposing tall old headstones and towering monuments, including a few unusual shaped ones such as obelisks and rocket ships. California.

Photos taken in New England cemeteries.

Pictures of gravestones, sculptures, mausoleums, gateways, or just landscapes in cemeteries.

Photos must be from pioneer and 49er graveyards in the western United States.

Perhaps creating an aesthetic awareness of our cemeteries will lead to a greater social awareness of these largely neglected cultural treasures.

A photographic tribute to the historic cemeteries of Tennessee.

Grave sites, tombstones, historical markers in Texas.

A collection of publicly submitted photographs from Florida, USA. Searchable by name or cemetery.

Photos from cemeteries, haunted places, and historical sites. Ohio explorers.

A collection of photographs taken in Missouri (USA) cemeteries, indexed by name and by cemetery.

Looking at or recording cemeteries, either as a hobby or just for the pleasure of it. Shanna Riley, Louisiana.

Photo tours of many Chicago cemeteries, with background text and historical information.

Comprehensive list of the graveyards of Omaha, Nebraska, with numerous photos and extensive history of the city and its founders.

Slideshow of pictures taken during the restoration of Greenwood Cemetery in St. Louis by friends of Greenwood cemetery; information about Harriet Scott and her burial place in the cemetery, including a 2006 article from the Post-Dispatch.

Images of tombstones in cemeteries located in North Carolina and Virginia. Cemeteries and surnames listed alphabetically.

Centered on the cemeteries of the Northeast US. Final Thoughts, book available.

For the discovery, restoration, and maintenance of Maine cemeteries. To preserve records and historical information related to them.

Cemetery photography by A. Louise Myers-Weston. US based.

Essay examining the relationship between death and photography in nineteenth century America. Includes original postmortem and funerary photographs.

A site dedicated to all things cemetery, with lots of image galleries from all over the United States.

A collection of publicly-submitted photographs from New Jersey (USA), searchable by name or cemetery.

Virtual tour of an historic New England graveyard with photos of gravestones dating back to the 1600s.

Photo tour of the 203-year-old Old Camden Cemetery that is the oldest and most historic burial ground in Camden, Camden County, New Jersey.

The Society meets in July for an annual picnic outing and to review the improvements and beautification work completed. Located in upper South Carolina.

A photographic and narrative history of Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse, New York, including family histories and maps of the area.

A photo collection of early Pennsylvania German gravestones including information on the people who erected them, and an examination of the gravestone symbols they used from the 1740s to the 1890s.

A photographic history of Susquehanna County, PA cemeteries and graveyards.

A pictorial study of colonial and Victorian cemeteries of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

A changing, seasonal gallery of images from the historic Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.                                     

Canadian Links

  Links saved from the collection at The Open Directory Project, before it closed.

Annieland: Cemetery Photography

Includes headstones, angels, crypts and statues. These pictures were taken throughout southern Michigan, Northeast Ohio, and Southwest Windsor, Ontario, Canada starting February 1998.
Canadian Headstone Photo Project

Online databases of headstone photos for all of Canada.

CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project
Since 2004. A free, searchable listing of known Canadian cemeteries.

Exploring and taking photographs of the cemeteries and places in the Niagara Region.

Focused on Canadian war memorials and Remembrance Day. Pictures of cemeteries and memorials to Veterans.

Unique example of Victorian-era romantic cemeteries in the province of British Columbia.

Founders Cemetery, the Free Will Baptist Cemetery, and the Calvinist Baptist Cemetery in Beaver River and Port Maitland, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia.

Inscriptions and photos of monuments in various area cemeteries.

A unique project to document headstones and monuments in Newfoundland. Downloadable database and photo CD ordering options available.

Photographs put online from cemeteries in Simcoe County, Ontario.        

The original source for this list of links was the Open Directory Project. I was an editor there.                            

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Tombstone Latin

ad patres - "To the fathers", dead or gone away.
anno aetatis suae (A.A.S.) - In the year of her/his age
anno Domini (A.D.) - In the year of our Lord
annos vixit (a.v.) - He/she lived [so many years]
beatae memoriae (B.M.) - Of blessed memory
Dei gratia - By the grace of God
Dei gratias - Thanks be to God
Deo, Optimo, Maximo (D.O.M.) - To God, the Best, the Greatest (motto of the Benedictine order)
Domino, Optimo, Maximo (D.O.M.) - The Lord, the Best, the Greatest.(alternate motto)
Gloria in Excelsis Deo - Glory be to God, the Most High
hic iacet or hic jacet (H.I.) - Here lies (Ancient Latin has no letter "J": the letter was added later)
hic iacet sepultus (H.I.S.) - Here lies buried
hic sepultus (H.S.) - Here is buried
Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum (I.N.R.I.) - Jesus Christ, King of the Jews (usually appears posted at the top of a cross, in commemoration of the Roman mocking of Christ)
in hoc salus (I.H.S.) - There is safety in this. This is one of three interpretations of the letters IHS which often appear on Roman Catholic tombstones and monuments. Some say that this was used to mark the way to secret Christian masses in the Roman catacombs. The letters are sometimes superimposed on each other, forming an inscription that looks like this: |$|
in hoc signo spes mea (I.H.S.) - In this sign (the cross of Christ) is my hope
in hoc signos vinces (I.H.S.) - By this sign you will conquer. The Emperor Constantine is said to have seen a firey cross in the sky before the Battle of Milvan Bridge. (312 A.D.) He made his men paint crosses on their shields. They won. Constantine ceased persecution of Christians and became one on his deathbed.
laus Deo - Praise be to God
memento mori - "Remember you must die". The phrase is also used for the small souvenirs that are sometimes handed out at funerals.
obiit (ob.) - He/she died
requiescat in pace (R.I.P.) - May he/she rest in peace
requiescant in pace (R.I.P.) - May they rest in peace
requiescit in pace (R.I.P.) - He/she rest in peace
Verbi Dei Minister (V.D.M.) - Minister of the Word of God
Originally from  Joel GAzis-SAx. Found while looking for the original poster of this blog on Blogger.